Looking to Rock at Electric Bass?!

Brandon Libman

I am a 20 year old electric bass player. I am obsessed with the Red Hot Chili Peppers! I love all sorts of music and learning it on bass! I will NOT be associated with any songs about Justin Bieber (just kidding)!

Price : US $15.00

Hey there!

My name is Brandon and I have been playing electric bass for 9 years now!

I am 20 years old, and I live in Canada.

I have a lot of musical knowledge in both the technical aspect of Electric bass and theoretical aspect due to studying at Vanier College Music program and years of live gigs!

I have extremely flexible hours as far as availability go for offering lessons and the first one is free!

I will be offering two lesson types, one for 15$/30min and one at 25$/1h! (Price is reduced on longer sessions)

If you are just beginning bass, or have become an intermediate player who wishes to further their technical skills at electric bass then this is right for you! 

I also offer lessons of individual songs, so just shoot me the title of a song you've been dying to learn and I will learn it for you and teach it to you!

If you wish, I am also available to tab out a rendition of songs for players on sheet music and upload and e-mail it to them, depending on how long this takes me is depending on how much it will cost!

Please feel free to inquire about anymore information and do not be shy to hit me up !

Hope to hear from you guys!

Vanier College Music Student Years of gigging experience I have been playing bass for over 9 years now!
Can teach Musical Theory, Theory applied to electric bass, technical bass playing skills, any song you would like to learn.


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Funkm4stafr3sh from Montreal Canada provides professional one to one Bass Guitar lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.