Grade 12 Math of Data Management (Statistics & Probability)

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A. Counting and Probability

1. solve problems involving the probability of an event or a combination of events for discrete sample spaces;

2. solve problems involving the application of permutations and combinations to determine the probability of an event.

B. Probability Distributions

1. demonstrate an understanding of discrete probability distributions, represent them numerically, graphically, and algebraically, determine expected values, and solve related problems from a variety of applications;

2. demonstrate an understanding of continuous probability distributions, make connections to discrete probability distributions, determine standard deviations, describe key features of the normal distribution, and solve related problems from a variety of applications.

C. Organization of Data for Analysis

1. demonstrate an understanding of the role of data in statistical studies and the variability inherent in data, and distinguish different types of data;

2. describe the characteristics of a good sample, some sampling techniques, and principles of primary data collection, and collect and organize data to solve a problem.

D. Statistical Analysis

1. analyse, interpret, and draw conclusions from one-variable data using numerical and graphical summaries;

2. analyse, interpret, and draw conclusions from two-variable data using numerical, graphical, and algebraic summaries;

3. demonstrate an understanding of the applications of data management used by the media and the advertising industry and in various occupations.

E. Culminating Data Management Investigation

1. design and carry out a culminating investigation that requires the integration and application of the knowledge and skills related to the expectations of this course;

2. communicate the findings of a culminating investigation and provide constructive critiques of the investigations of others.

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