GIT Graduate - 20 Year Pro- Want to Shred? I'm your guy!

Seth Worsham

I am originally from Bourbon, IN. I started playing guitar in 1993 and took private lessons until 2002 when I began playing in local bands. I continued teaching and playing local shows until 2009, when I left for Los Angeles CA to attend the Guitar Program at Musician's Institute. I have recently relocated to IN. I also enjoy reading, video games, movies & pool.

Price : US $40.00

-20 years playing experience

-15 years performance/teaching experience

-Graduate of Hollywood, CA's Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT) program at Musicians Institute

-Associate of Arts Degree in Guitar Performance

-Winner of the Most Improved Player Award, graduating class of GIT Spring 2011 (featured in Guitar World and Guitar Player magazine October 2011)

-Thank you for checking out my profile.  I have been teaching students ages 8 and up for 15 years.  Teaching has been a very enriching and rewarding part of my musical journey.  I learn plenty of things from my students as they do from me. I very much enjoy the camaraderie that comes from being able to share and teach music to others.

-I firmly believe that the best way to learn music or the guitar is to have a healthy balance between what you WANT to learn and what you NEED to learn.  I want the student to enjoy their lessons as much as possible, with the understanding that they will only get to where they want to on the instrument by accurately learning what is required to get to the level they desire.  I will give you the best practicing tips and examples I possibly can as well as practical playing advice at all times. 

-You pay for what you want to learn, but I can teach many aspects of guitar playing, including:





-Technique (Picking, Legato, whammy bar techniques, etc.)

-Sight & chart reading

-Ear training (recognizing chords and notes/phrases/etc. by ear)

-All aspects of learning songs

-Learning how to use your equipment better (dialing in certain tones, using your guitar to its full potential without effects, etc.)

Among many more.  Anything you want to know, please ask and I will answer to the best of my ability thoroughly and honestly. 

-Styles I teach are: all flavors of Rock (hard, classic, modern, oldies, metal, 80s, punk, alternative, etc.), Blues, Modern Country, Pop and Funk. 

-What you get: An enjoyable and thorough understanding of the most expressive instrument ever created.  Regardless of what you are wanting to learn, I will help you achieve your guitar and musically related goals. 

-What you need:  An acoustic or electric guitar, amplifier, picks, a cable, tuner, skype account, a webcam and the desire to learn of course!

Associate of Arts Degree - Guitar Performance from Musicians Institute- Hollywood, CA Most Improved Player award, Spring graduating class of 2011 - Musicians Institute Featured in Guitar World and Guitar Player magazines, October 2011


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Stringabuser77 from Bourbon United States provides professional one to one Guitar lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.