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LJ Norelli

I'm interested in the technical-mechanical aspect of singing. I have little interest in teaching specific vocal styles or genres. I believe that as a teacher it is my job to show you how to sing with freedom and ease allowing YOU to choose the desired style or genre.

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Learning how to sing has become an overly complicated task. In reality, singing is simple. We all possess a similar vocal musculature that reacts more or less the same to varying exercises and vocal drills. The complexity then lies in the choosing of exercises that will facilitate healthy and natural singing. To choose these exercises, we must first understand a basic principle of the voice.

The voice has two distinct registers. The chest register and the falsetto register. Over time people develop habits that tend to favor one register over the other. This leads to problems with intonation, range, breath support and management, tone color etc. The goal of the teacher is then to strengthen the weaker register and eventually blend the two together to form a beautiful and natural sounding voice. How is this done? By focusing on two parts of the vocal mechanism that are voluntary and under our control: articulation and breathing.

The exercises I use consist of simple arpeggios and scales which demand that the singer properly articulate all consonants in combination with the five vowels. Sounds simple, right? I promise you it is not. To properly articulate the consonants requires extreme concentration and becomes more difficult as the singer ascends the scale. This is because as the singer ascends the scale, there is a natural tendency to use more breath and more pressure which makes easy articulation nearly impossible. Together we will establish simple, consistent breathing. We will combine this with the proper articulation of the consonants and vowels and utilize it throughout the entire range of the voice blending both the chest and falsetto registers. When complete, the singer will be able to sing songs with confidence and ease.

The first three lessons are absolutely free. The only thing you'll need to sacrifice is your time. I want my students to have the opportunity to truly explore the technique and decide whether or not it is the right fit for them. I will, however, guarantee that you will see immediate and consistent results. The technique enhances and strengthens the natural mechanism of the voice. Students can return to it time and time again knowing that they will always benefit.

Flaunting various accolades, certifications, and degrees is a foolish way to prove experience and competence. A teacher's worth can only be measured in his or her student's success, happiness, and growth.

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Pruticle from Philadelphia United States provides professional one to one Singing lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.