Elementary Spanish!

Jay Kim

Hey guys, my name is Jay Kim. I've attended University of California - Davis back in 2006 majoring in Biological Sciences. Currently, I've now transitioned into the realms of nursing and nursing education. Currently, I'm a nursing student at California State University - Los Angeles. So science is my forte! :)

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Spanish Help? Got ya covered!

Hey guys, come learn Elementary Spanish the quick and easy way! As I was a student myself, I now all the little tricks and tips that can help you ace that first Spanish Exam. Or if you are interested in learning the Spanish Language casually, it's an affordable way as well. 

I've learned Spanish for 6 years+ and have great experience in tutoring in this particular field.
I will help you with pronounciation, grammar, and vocabulary. Any kind of studying for exams will be my expertise :)

I'm a very down-to-earth guy, whose motives are your success!

Give me a try - you won't regret it :)

I have been teaching and tutoring students for a while now and it's truly been a great experience. With 5+ years of tutoring experience, Child-Development Courses taken, and 135+ credit college credits/science, I'm sure I can accommodate to YOUR learning methods quickly!
K-12 Basic Subjects Chemistry Biology Microbiology Anatomy Physiology English ESL (Can do Korean-to-English) Essay/Writing Help Studying Tips Nursing Application Process TEAS Exam
I'm 100% cleared with www.certifiedbackground.com (Which includes an extensive check on any security breaches or criminal charges, etc.)


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Jkx788 from United States provides professional one to one Spanish lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.