Internet Made Easy

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As from the title the lessons will be very easy and most of the information regarding to the internet will be covered .

1- Internet Background ,the evolution of internet from late 1980's to till now.

2- Internet as a source of rich Human History.

3- Intentions behind hackers acts.

4- Emails and Social Netwroking in Details.

5- Home networking.

6- Antivirus and Safe Internet.

7- Research.

8- Google Yahoo Microsoft role in Developing internet.

9- Google search in details.

10- How Peer to peer works.

     Above courses will be covered in 10 working days.Certificates will be Emailed at the end of Courses.No background or advance knowledge required.Fee will be very Nominal and will be payable either by Bank Transfer or by Moneybookers (An online Secured Network just as paypal).

Fees are Negotiable.


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2080 Administrator 16 Dec 2012 07:41:46
Hamzaqqureshi from Islamic Republic of Pakistan provides professional one to one IT lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.