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I am a Native Italian speaker and am also fluent in Spanish, French (paternal Grandparents language), English and Albanian (maternal Grandparents language). I have a certificate in Italian Language didactics and have been successfully teaching international students on a one-to-one basis with a method I devised coupled what I learnt from the language school.

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Develop the ability to speak italian properly and understand every topic! Speak Italian how Italians do! 

My Ambition is to teach students to master their chosen language particularly in Italian and to enable them to become fluent, developing skills in lifelong learning.
I have been studying humanities and OBTAINED MY CERTIFICATE of knowledge in  professional teaching of Italian language for foreigners at the end of a DIDACTICS course and I m currently tutoring, with this you will be reassured to learn a classically correct Italian.
The most important thing is to enjoy learning and the lesson, as speaking a language is a natural way to express yourself. It is also important not to be shy about making mistakes when speaking as recognising your mistakes and learning from them is the best way to improve quickly. 
I will correct during conversations and also after any homework and practice.
I like to keep my lessons interesting, fun and easy so you will speak confidently in very little time.

My ambition is to teach students to master their target language. I believe with your website and my skills, we can enable them to become fluent and achieve these lifelong skills. Diploma in classical subjects and ancient languages (latin and ancient greek), course of italian language didactics, law degree ( present, on going. I am able to manipulate materials to exemplify a teaching point, adapting from a variety of sources to help learning and promote understanding.
I am very adaptive and creative with a keen attention to detail, particularly with language learning. I established my languages from childhood and cultivated them in the family home, where I daily speak three languages. This gives me a unique perspective to understand the needs of the student, especially when mistakes are made due to interference from their native language rather than an error in grammar of the target language.
I grew up learning and speaking several foreign languages as in my family I speak daily three languages. 8 years of experience in tutoring students on one-to- one basis (humanities and languages) and private tutor in high school subjects ( philosophy, english,italian literature, grammar) Experience in online tutoring one to one.


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Languagescoach from Italy provides professional one to one Italian lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.