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I'm 21 years old, but i start to chat with people from all over the world a long time ago. I have a lot of friends in every part of the world, i like to meet and chat with new people, i like to help, i like to halp people be happy also. If u need my help - write me plz any time, i always open for chat:)

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This lesson is about how to introduce yourself to russian friends - only native live language which is spoken by people in real life. If you just met a new russian person and want to start converstation - this lesson is for you. I will teach you how to express yourself, show what you can and want and how to do it with russian manner of communication - facial expressions, gestures and so on.

I have a diploma of English courses (but i started to learn English since 10 y.o.) and soon i will have a diploma from my university - faculty "filology", department "journalistic".
- I prefer to teach adult people (18 - etc. years old), because they are more open for serious lessons. I mean without laziness and so on. - Fluent English - High level of professional communication skills - Knowledge of grammar and style of the Russian language - Good orientation in matters of culture, art, travel, style and fashion, psychology and social life - Creativity - Tolerance - Extensive experience communicating with foreigners.

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1941 Administrator 30 Oct 2012 07:13:39
Hellenway from Khabarovsk Russia provides professional one to one Communication Skills lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.