Molecular Biology

Ankita Patel

As I am a Bio technologist and i am interested in molecular biology as well as microbial engineering.From my college time i am teaching students part time as i love teaching.And right now i am preparing for my further study.

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In molecular Biology we will learn from the basics of DNA,RNA,Proteins,Like their structure.As well as ther will be description of how this all molecules work and their regulations and how the fiedlity of this molecule regulated.

We will learn thr formation of mRNA from DNA called replication and formation of protein from this mRNA called transcription.we will learn all the components involved in this process and their regulation.we will include both the prokaryotes and eukaryotes and the diffrence between them.


protein,amino acids,nucleotides(A,G,C,T),nuicleic acid(DNA,RNA),replication,fidelity of DNA replication,transcription,translation(prokaryotes,eukaryotes),ribosome in protein synthesis.

I am graduated in Biotechnology from India.I also have national certification for pharmacy technician(Cpht).
To Teach Student a subject of Science is my passion and I make my student feel the topic instead of just reading.

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