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Confidence is assumed success. Scoring the promotion, making the sale, getting the date, talking to strangers, meeting her parents, giving a presentation or simply being introduced to new people, we’ve grown up knowing successful people are confident and confident people are successful. Confident guys are popular, vocal and fun to hang out with. Their ideas go farther. They move up faster. They are what we all want to be.

But we’re not confident.

Why aren’t we? Self-confidence is just the secure emotion of being comfortable with yourself. Considering that definition, it’s surprising we’re all so un-confident most of the time. When we meet new people, why are we not comfortable with who we are? Most strangers we meet, such as at a party or friends of friends, we know we’re never going to see them again. So why the anxiety?

At work, why don’t we speak up and let our ideas be heard? The only time to feel uneasy about your ideas is if you’re new, unsure about how things work or who’s in charge. But once we’ve settled in we still don’t speak up as much as we’d like. We think we lack confidence because we don’t offer our better idea, and from a third party perspective we’re the people who don’t chime in.

Is confidence like a muscle that represents our strength? Are we either strong — or not? Are more confident people truly “stronger” in personal judgment, ability and power and this is represented by their confidence? Is this to suggest that to be more confident we have to sharpen our skills and grow our experiences?

I don’t think so.


So, let's begin! I can teach you how to be stylish, confident, and most of all, the BEST version of you that you can be. The world is yours!

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