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Amy Lesemann

I enjoy reading, writing, and traveling. For me, though, teaching is a vocation. I really enjoy teaching people of all ages. I've taught people in regions of the US from central Maine to Pennsylvania, and now in Michigan. I hope to hear from you.

Price : US $20.00

As an experienced English and writing teacher, and a graduate of the University of Chicago, I can give you help either getting started, getting un-stuck, or polishing up your essay, whether it's for a college education, or for a school assignment.

If you're applying to college, you're under a good deal of pressure to get it "just right", whatever that means. And wherever you are in the process, it just makes sense to have someone who is not related to you, and who is not your friend or your teacher, help you get through this fairly emotional, stressful writing experience. I can help you get your thoughts down, stick to the topic, outline, draft, revise, and finally polish it up. Your voice should come through, without making you sound like a Hallmark card.

If you're one of those students who just hates writing and you need to learn how to write an essay, or die trying, I can make this whole experience much less stressful. It's not that hard - really. There are no shortcuts, but when you master the process you'll feel much better. It's simple - you come up with your ideas, you list them, put them in outline form, write a rough draft, revise it, edit it, final draft.

No problem, right?

That's what you've heard since elementary school. But I can help you master those steps, and then, no matter how long the paper needs to be, you will not feel intimidated. It really will be - no problem. Get in touch, and we'll get started.

Whatever you need - the first half hour lesson is free. Let's see where you are, and where you need to go.


I am a University of Chicago graduate, and I've lived in London, Boston, New York City, the Philadelphia suburbs,and now Ann Arbor, Michigan. I visited India two years ago. But teaching's my joy. I have taught kids to read who have had miserable experiences, and their parents were desperate. I've helped people improve their writing, and that's a thrill, too!
I am able to make learning more relaxed and enjoyable, and I keep things low key. People who have found reading and writing difficult and stressful learn to just relax and find that it's actually somewhat fun...and then, really very pleasant! They're often shocked by this. I'm not. But I am happy when it happens, over and over again.
Michigan background check, 4 years ago. PA background check several years before that (each time I start at a new school, of course - my husband's a professor, and we moved when he was offered a tenure track position).


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Amylesemann from AnnArbor United States provides professional one to one English lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.