My Method and example of lesson (verbe du premier groupe)


Hello,I am Landry,A native French speaker from France.With me,You can easily learn French.You can speak faster than what you think.We will use conversations,videos,text book to improve every day our French.Lets start now

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Hello,I am Landry, a native French speaker from France. With me, you can easily learn French. You can speak faster than what you think. We will use conversations,  videos, books to improve every day your French. Lets start now.

Here I would, for example show you how we will learn verbs and how to use them.

We will see for example how to recognize any verbs and the groups they belong to. So I will tell you for example: VERBES DU PREMIER GOUPE(FIRST GOUP VERBS)

Les verbes du premier goupe sont les verbes qui se terminent par "ER" et qui forment leur participe present en "ANT",


After we will manipulate several verbs,we will start making sentences and after we will try always try to put them in a special conversation which wll be made like a game and dont forget, we will use many materials (videos, helping sites online, book) and remember I will provide all the book and videos for you.

Hope you will like it, let's start now. Allons y maintenant :)

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2862 Nany 02 Jul 2013 15:03:34
Good tutor
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Landryguy from Paris France provides professional one to one French lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.