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Remi Sky

Hello, how are you all doing, you can call me Remi, im in the Marine core while being a full time college student.I teach individuals on physical training and on how to play drums better. I love drawing,playing guitar and singing.

Price : US $30.00

This is a drum lesson for starters, or those who want to increase their dexterity. In my lessons, i try my best to find a way that will make you learn faster because time is important in our life, You learn to play better than the avarage drummer from the start.Lesson will be created and modified based on your needs. I wll teach you to play according to your goals in percussion. with my lesson you should be able to play a variety of percussion instruments. aspects( techniques with all four limbs, coordination,indipendence, styles, and muscle coordination training)

These are in order HIgh school Diploma Marine Core(combat first aid) Aid in Nursing,currently in college Certificate for excellence in physical fitness awarded by Marine core.
Re-taught elderly people on daily activitys and through music Teach Music in a youth church Creative and optimistic, thus able to find infinite ways to teach an individual.
From being in the Marine core, i have passed all kinds of background or criminal checks. you may ask for verification.

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1830 Administrator 07 Sep 2012 11:12:16
Remisky from Alvarado United States provides professional one to one Drum lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.