Japanese 1001 for Beginners

Price : US $10.00

For these lessons, we will study from a commonly used Japanese texbook called Genki 1 An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese. During the first free lesson, you will begin by learning to recite Japanese consonant and vowel sounds. After you become comfortable with reciting, you will be introduced to commonly used greetings.

During further lessons, you will learn Japanese grammar rules as well as how to read, speak, and write in three different Japanese writing systems (Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji). Besides copies of textbook pages, I will give you additional materials such as website links, sound files, and visual aids that will assist you in your learning.

Will be looking forward to introducing you to a whole new world of Japanese language and culture. ^_~

I have experience tutoring children, university students, and adults in English, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese.
My goal is to teach a second language to students like a toddler would learn their first language. A language lesson should engage the student and provide learning activities that stimulate the senses (sight, sound, and action). There are multiple language resources that I provide the student with such as: books, readers, textbooks, flashcards, videos, sound files, and etc. In this way, the learning experience of the student will be quick, easy, and fun.

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1790 Administrator 03 Aug 2012 21:56:43
Dragonwisperer from United States provides professional one to one Japanese lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.