Piano Lessons - Beginner to Early Intermediate

Katie Cooper

Music is my passion, especially the piano! I have played as long as I can remember - my mother tells me that I sat down at the piano and picked out my first tune by ear when I was three years old. I love all music, and I also play the guitar. I have also sung in choruses.

Price : US $15.00

Piano lessons for beginners to early intermediate players. $15 for a 30 minute lesson, but the first lesson is free! I can help you to form a goal, and we can work together to reach that goal. I can teach you technique and theory, sight-reading and improvisation from a chord sheet, musicality and interpretation, whether its through classical pieces, contemporary pieces, hymns, or the chords to your favorite song! I will be glad to demonstrate where I can take you at the first lesson.

I have studied piano for 6 years, and my teachers include a Mercer grad and a Julliard grad. When I was 14, I won 1st place at a regional piano competition and 3rd place at a state competition. I currently play the piano at my church and give lessons at my home. I have performing experience from playing for friends and family, playing for judges, playing at competitions, playing at recitals, playing at retirement homes, and playing at church.
I teach children, preferably five years old and up, but one can begin to learn much younger than that. I also teach adults, and I am very open to teaching adults who once took piano in the past and now want to relearn.

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Katielou33196 from Macon United States provides professional one to one Piano lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.