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Eldad Shulman

I moved to England to study Physics and Philosophy. During that time I tutored math and physics for high-school students. After finishing my M.A in theoretical physics from University College London, I moved to Dalian China to teach English in Junior highs - overcoming language and culture barriers in teaching. I then moved to Holland and completed a M.A in Philosophy, and tutored learning martial for university and for the GRE. Now I moved to Berlin to live with my girlfriend.

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My name is Eldad.Although I'm quite young (26), I have been tutoring and teaching for seven years now in four different countries. I have an M.A in theoretical physics (cosmology). I love teaching and I'm building myself a career in teaching at the moment. I have also studied philosophy, which improved my ability to communicate ideas. My experience has thought me to adopt my teaching to the different thinking styles of students. Let me know which martial you would like me to cover, or which problems you you would like to work on, and I'll be happy to schedule a lesson for you.



I was awarded twice the AMS scholarship – 10,000 euros a year given by the University of Amsterdam for promising foreign students. I presented in two Dutch national conferences for Philosophy. I scored a perfect score in the GRE math section, and in the top 2 percent in the GRE verbal section.
I have 8 years of tutoring experience and one year of teaching a school class, all in four different countries. Thus I have thought many students with different backgrounds and with different capabilities, and therefore I have learnt to adapt myself to many types of students. My unusual combination of Mathematical and Philosophical training rendered me a skillful mathematician and an effective communicator (the main purpose of philosophical training).

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Shulman from Berlin Germany provides professional one to one Physics lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.