IELTS Preparation Classes

Andrew Johnson

I have been a professional English teacher and writer for the almost ten years, living and working all over Asia and Europe. I write and edit fiction and non-fiction in my spare time and practice tai chi chuan.

Price : US $35.00

Professional specific IELTS exam preparation classes tailored to your needs with highly-experienced teacher with 10 years’ experience preparing students from all over the world for IELTS. Course specifically designed for you with regular contact at location and time of your convenience and supplementary exercises by email. Competitive rates.

I have BBC training in documentary making and used to direct arts documentaries for broadcast television.
IELTS preparation for speakers of Chinese and Spanish speakers. Syllabus design for beginner students in the developing world.
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532 Administrator 08 May 2012 09:10:23
Andrewjohnson from London United Kingdom provides professional one to one English lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.