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Geoff Ross

Educated as an electrical engineer, professionally worked as a telecom and software engineer. Spent the past 10 years part time self-employed as a math consultant while involved in private mathematical research. Math was primary interest since age 13. Current interests in Math and Mathematical Physics are: 1) Relativistic Electromagnetics 2) Commutative Hyper-Complex Algebra 3) Non-Linear Integral Equations

Price : US $20.00

Can tutor math from high school level to university undergrad level.

I give students the necasary knowledge (theory) and skills (how to evaluate it, solve it, prove it, and do it) they need to achieve their project goals/grades.

Services include:
- assistance in homework assignments
- assistance in mathematical research
- mathematical document reviewing and preparation
- theory review

If you have a problem with math and can't talk to your boss, teacher, or professor, try talking to me on the matter. I may be able to help.

Obtained a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering with a A average. Developed Digital signal processing firmware for commercial use in acoustic engineering, telecom, and instrumentation.
-Can see and explain algebraic errors in algoritms,proofs, and derivations. - Can show how to: -derive it -prove it -evaluate it -solve it -turn word problems into formulas and equations - Have ability to make abstract concepts more concrete and realistic to the students level of understanding.
-Can produce local police checks anywhere in my country and through INTERPOL - Have Enhanced Reliabilty security clearance to work in federal facilities in my country (Canada)

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510 Administrator 23 Apr 2012 01:45:33
Mathguy from Ottawa Canada provides professional one to one Mathematics lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.