New to guitar?

Sean (Jiven) Knight

Im mad good at guitar, piano, singing, and my MC name is jiven. my first mixtape comes out this may. Im a good, funny, intellectual and your (Own pace) kind of teacher. I don't charge much because I do this for fun and if you arn't having fun while I guide you through music there is something wrong.

Price : US $15.00


+ I am offering Guitar and Vocal lessons for any eager student to learn.
+ I am 18 years old
+I have been playing guitar for 9 years and can teach anything between basic Major, Minor, Pena-tonic Chord's and Scales to Improve play.
+I offer a 4 week program for beginners.
+I am an active musician.
+I teach strumming patterns and the "flow" aspect of music which, to me is one of the most important aspects of music.
+If you wish I can teach music theory but most people find this boring.
+I am a very funny and outgoing person and I use my personality as a teaching aid. 
+ I teach both standard pick and finger picking styles.
+I am very patient and there will be no pressure during lesson's,(I had an old guitar teacher who pressured me alot) I realize everyone learns at their own pace.
+If you would like to see me perform a couple songs before you commit I am more than happy to perform a personal show.

I will guide you through the following:

+Open string note names

+Your first and basic chordes 

+ Holding to string down to produce a good clean quality sound

+ Open chordes 

+ Names of the notes on the fretboard 

+ Speed developement excercises

+ Strumming excersizes 

Multiple bands. Official mixtapes, 1st team all conference football player.
Funny, captivation, and interest are what you will be feeling during the lessons


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486 Administrator 09 Apr 2012 05:42:54
Jivenknight from St Cloud United States provides professional one to one Guitar lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.