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If I got paid for every time I heard the words,” I don’t like math” or “I have never been good in math” I could probably retire. It’s amazing to me how many people that have never met each other have had the same learning experiences when it comes to math education. Some of them had a teacher that scared them with fractions and never recovered; some of them never grasped the concept of a variable in algebra and it all went down hill from there.

In any event, it has become an epidemic and is “academically acceptable” to dislike or be innumerate in mathematics. What if you had a teacher that understands “all matters math” and is able to make it all make to sense to you? How would do feel about math then? Where can you find such a person that can do all of this?

Never fear, Ms. Lee from the EDUKATE Academy is here! When we combine the love of computers with learning math, then we will have success. Online Math Tutoring at the EDUKATE Academy is unique in that we avoid:
•providing with just answers to the homework problems
•viewing you as just a client
•communicating exclusively through instant messaging and emails (this type of communication is very impersonal)

Ms. Lee is an excellent math teacher and has brought her knowledge and expertise to the online world. With the EDUKATE Academy you get a totally different learning experience that includes:
•communicating with Ms. Lee using a microphone
•using a digital writing tablet to interact
•saving your notes from the session so you can use them in class
•spending more time on the computer because you are doing math
•learning math in a way that you can understand
•eliminating the distractions you may face at school
•communicating with your teachers and parents to brag about your progress
•taking the time to get to know you and building a rapport

Best of all, I can help you throughout all your math classes. It’s like having your own Personal Math Genie, there to help you every step of the way. You can finally stop being scared of math and have the Michael Jordan of Online Math Tutoring help become the superstar math student you have only dreamed of becoming!

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Goldnmind from United States provides professional one to one Mathematics lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.