Piano Lessons. Chord-style or Note-reading.

Kent Smith

Hello, and welcome to on-line piano, guitar and drum lessons with Kent Smith! I can teach you to play in virtually any style or genre. I can teach you to read music, or to play by ear, or both.

Price : US $20.00

Learn to play piano by chords!  Your first lesson is free.

Beginners are welcome! I also teach advanced students who want to learn jazz, blues, etc.

My name is Kent Smith. I have a degree in music, and 27 years experience teaching piano, keyboards, drums, and guitar. I can get you where you want to be in your piano playing. You can play some great stuff, and really enjoy yourself, quicker than you might think -- as long as you are willing to practice :-)

I'll bet you didn't know that practicing can also be fun! Your practicing assignments will be fun; and yet, very effective.

Playing piano based on chords allows you to reduce -- or completely eliminate -- the need to read traditional piano music (you know, the kind of notation with a treble staff, a bass staff, and all those NOTES). Professional keyboard players use chord-based playing all the time -- so this is not just for beginners. If you are interested, I can also teach you how to improvise, based on chords and scales (this is the path to jazz, blues, etc.).

I also teach traditional note-reading (such as reading and playing classical music, or working from standard sheet music).

Please see the following for more information:

-- My LearnByCam profile (on this site).

-- My local private lessons web page at https://PianoDrumTeacher.com

-- My YouTube channel (these are basically experiments in making video tutorials): 


You may call me at (928) 692-7777 if you have questions. Please call between the hours of 8am and 9pm, U.S. Mountain Time Zone.


Let's get on this!




27 years teaching experience, college degree in music. Check out my YouTube channel, for some of my experiments in video-based tutorials: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XC7PkMfh5o
Piano players: I specialize in teaching people how to play piano by chords, a skill which allows a piano player to be part of a band, to improvise, and to learn songs quickly. I’m also fully qualified (by college education and experience), to teach traditional music; that is, classical piano, etc. I can teach you how to read music, play by ear, and/or learn from song charts (a.k.a chord charts, lead sheets, “fake books”). Want to improvise some funky blues or jazz? I can teach you that too.

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413 Administrator 05 Mar 2012 19:18:31
Pianodrumteacher from United States provides professional one to one Piano lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.