Basic astronomy

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Introduction to Astronomy is one of the most popular college courses there are, often filling large venues, and there is a great reason - astronomy is fascinating!

But students who take the class are often intimidated by the math involved and some of the concepts which are unfamiliar to the human experience.

This class will give you all the tools you need to excel in this course and have a great time doing it! Or, i fyou have always just wondered about astronomy and wanted to know where to start, this is the place. 

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Presenter, national Academic Excellence Conference, 2002. Named as a professional member of the Meta-Institute for Computational Astrophysics. The comedy band for whom I am a songwriter (Philosophy Slap) is currently listed on Reverb Nation as one of the top 5% of their most popular comedy bands in the country.
I believe in catering to a students strengths and not their weaknesses. Also, my firm belief is that students will practice more if they enjoy their lessons and their outside work. To that end, my great love of all forms of music allows me to cater my curriculum to the student, not the other way around!
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Scienceandart from Keene United States provides professional one to one Science lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.