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DAY One - Getting Started

1. Getting started with VB.NET

2. Visual Basic .NET Forms

3. Adding Controls using the Toolbox

4. Adding a Textbox to the Form

5. Visual Basic .NET and Properties

6. The Text Property

7. Adding a splash of colour

8. Saving your work

9. Create a New Project

DAY Two- Write your first .NET code

1. What is a Variable?

2. Add a coding button to the Form

3. Writing your first .NET code

4. String Variables

5. How to get at Text in a textbox

6. More about DAY variables

7. Using variables in your .NET code

8. A VB NET Calculator Project

9. The code for the calculator

10. The Message Box in DAY

DAY Three - Conditional Logic

1. If Statements

2. Select Case Statements

3. Add a Combo Box to a DAY form

4. The Conditional Operators

5. Section Three Exercises

DAY Four- Loops

1. An Introduction to Loops in DAY

2. For Loops

3. Do Loops

4. A Times Table Programme

5. The Code for the Time Table Programme

6. The Basic Math Symbols in DAY

DAY Five - Adding menus to Forms

1. Add a menu to a DAY Form

2. How to add code to a Menu

3. How to add a Sub Menu to your Form

4. How to add Shortcuts to your Menu Items

5. A DAY menu Project

6. The Open File Dialogue Box

7. Filter files with the Open File Dialogue Box

8. The Open File Dialogue Box

9. The Save File Dialogue Box

10. Cut, Copy, Paste and Undo menus

11. How to Show and Hide Controls

12. Insert Images into a Picture Box

13. Add a Checkbox to a DAY form

14. Writing code for Checkboxes

15. Add Option Buttons to a DAY form

DAY Six - Debugging your code

1. Error Handling and Debugging in DAY

2. Design Time Errors

3. RunTime Errors

4. Try ... Catch in DAY

5. Logic Errors

6.Breakpoints and Debugging tools



1.B.Tech in Computer Engineering. 2.Awarded "Certificate Of Appreciation" in recognition of my valuable contributions and support in Albertsons project from the client "SUPERVALUE, Inc." 3.Awarded “Certificate of Appreciation” towards the valuable contribution in the successful completion of this project and thus setting up the Wipro Kolkata Development Centre. 4.Awarded “Thanks-a-Zillion” in recognition of “Excellent work done in FileNET module” during this project.
I am Satyajit is an IT professional with more than 8.5 years of IT experience in CMM level 5 companies. In parallel with my IT career I have been working as a Corporate and Computer Trainer/Private Tutor for more than 8.5 years.

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