Best Places to Visit in Italy plus Tricks and Key words


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Roberto Basilico

My Name is Roberto and I am an Italian mother tongue. I own two bachelor's in sociology and psychology both earned at Università degli studi di Milano, Italy and I have experience in teaching Italian language and culture. My method consist in improving the spoken language with conversation and in time action speaking. Also I have "5 series" of lesson to who wants to learn quick and fast the italian language and culture so to visit Italy at best.

Price : US $15.00

Take the complete lessons about:

- The Best Location to visit in Italy

- Languages tricks and tips to use when in Italy

- Cultural background of italians


Teaching by Roberto, a italian turism and leisure bachelor owner, going through this lesson will improve your understanding of italian culture and make your trip safe and enjoyable.

The Entire Lesson is 35 minutes long and for just 15 $ you will get the best advices to make your trip worthwhile and have the Italian Language skills to have fun with Italians.


I own my personal youtube channel -, I am a Meisner Actor and a musician. People who had my lessons in past says they are worthwhile and fun.
- Deep understanding of Italian Wines, since I've worked one year into a winery beside the Trevi Funtain in Rome - deep knowledge of Italian turism since I own a bachelor in science of turism and local community, plus I've visited most of important sites in the country. - Italian Dialects and proper diction and pronounciation


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