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These are the goals I intend to acvhieve for myb students:

1. An understanding of tonal development through practical study of breathing, embouchure and overtones.

2. The ability to interpret written music through the study of articulation, dynamics and phraseology in both classical and jazz repertoire.

3. A working knowledge of jazz theory and harmony to develop improvisational technique.

4. Knowledge of saxophone pedagogy and a working musical vocabulary derived from several sources, including the listening experience, the study of classical repertoire, jazz transcriptions by several masters and more.

5. Ensemble experience to develop skills in working with other wind players and the rhythm section.

6. A portfolio of music prepared for performance Recitals.

7. A clear mission statement defining career and artistic goals for the student’s future including teaching, performing, recording and writing in the music world of business.



Course Materials

Required materials for course study:

1. Top Tones for Saxophone by Sigurd Rascher

By Sigurd M. Rascher. Third Edition. Students can develop their range with this insightful book with text both in English and German. The author focuses on technique and offers musical examples and exercises to help developing players achieve a four-octave range. An important book for all saxophone students!

2. 25 Daily Exercises For Sax - H. Klose
This standard collection of daily exercises for the saxophone is best suited for students at the intermediate level. Students will improve their dexterity, intonation and phrasing as they work through these exercises.

3. Jazz Conception For Saxophone - Intermediate - Book/CD by Lennie Niehaus

by Lennie Niehaus. Volume 3 (intermediate level) of 4. One of the world's most popular jazz etude books; popular because the etudes are hip and fun to play. VERY popular among teachers! Designed for sax but suitable for all instruments. This Volume contains 20 intermediate level exercises and 25 etudes.

4. Concert and Contest Collection for Saxophone With Piano

This is a collection of medium-difficulty classical solo literature, arranged for solo saxophone. Published by Rubank, this book represents a variety of musical styles from throughout history, and would be a great addition to any instrumentalist's music library. The piano accompaniment book is also available, and is recommended for most contests.


5. Technique Of The Sax #2 - Chord Studies - By Joe Viola

The purpose for this volume is to fill the gap in existing instructional literature for saxophone - a method to develop "aural-visual-manual" coordination in chordal concepts. The student simultaneously develops aural awareness, visual familiarity and manual dexterity with chords, their auxiliaries and their high degrees.

6. Charlie Parker Omni Book – Transcriptions of Solos by Bird

60 solos such as Moose the Mooch, Ornithology and Anthropology, transcribed by Jamey Aebersold and Ken Slone. A cross section of the music of Charlie Parker. Spiral-bound, with chord symbols, metronome markings, record information, and practice suggestions.

7. Jazz Duets For Saxophones - Watts And Eskovitz

Includes 30 jazz rhythm challenges, eight practice duets, and nine extended pefromance duets at the intermediate level. The Eb parts are printed in the first half of the book and the Bb parts are printed in the second half - just mix and match! All selections are recorded on the play-along CD by saxophone greats Bruce Eskovitz and Ernie Watts.

8. John Coltrane Plays Giant Steps by David Demsey

A transcription and analysis by David Demsey It had long been believed that Coltrane's "Giant Steps" existed in only two takes until 1995, when seven more astonishing takes from those two sessions were discovered in the vaults of Altantic Records (and later released on Rhino Records). This book contains all 96 choruses from all seven takes and includes analysis, historical background, and previously unpublished photos from the period.


Rick'srecording projects include: For Your Love, Conversations with Erik & I, Trine +1 and In The Sky on TrineArc Music label from 2009-2011.
college level and grades 6 to 12

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