Everyday Leadership for Teens & Adults

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Most students choose to study with me because they've become frustrated with ‘the norm’. They want more for their lives, and are looking for ways to make a postive change.

When I first meet a student, I want to know what makes them feel excited. I will do whatever it takes to help them find their passion and then I’ll give them the tools they need to make it happen. Students need to feel inspired and confident, and their personalities will determine my method of teaching. Every student needs something different from me, and my goal is to find the spark within each student and mould it until they develop enough confidence to run with it on their own.

If you want to change your life and start living in the moment, there are a few basic concepts to consider. I'll help you discover the confidence within - to help you live your life in a new and exciting way.

UVic Music Department Scholarship, UVic Awards, Naden Band Scholarship in Music Performance, Alberta Foundation for the Arts Grant, Doug McFarlane Memorial Bursary, Sun FM Bursary, Spectra Assistanceship, Grande Prairie Music Festival Award, Alberta Provincial Music Festival Award, Alberta Foundation for the Arts Grant
Students of all ages and abilities welcome! I work with students ages 4&up, including young children, teens, adults and seniors. I'm also excited to work with students who have special needs.
I've completed the criminal record and child welfare checks.


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Thegroovechick from Canada provides professional one to one Life Coach lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.