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Teaching music , and Performing music , Composing Music and learning Everyday. Sachin started his music journey as a kid of age 6 . Sachin was born in india in a family where his father used to play a percussion inst called "Chiimta" like a tambourine but 6ft long iron rod with rings attached to it.

Price : US $30.00

hello dear students,

This santoor lesson is meant for beginers.In this lesson we will be learning the basic technique to hold your santoor mallets(sticks) and how to use the mallets to strike the strings for better control and effective playing.We will also be dealing with very basic music scales used in the indian classical music which are known as “raags“. and towards the end of lesson we will be talking about tunning of santoor .I hope you will take this journey of learning this ancient musical instrument with, which inturn will give you an inner fullfillment of playing these ancient raags , which have an intrinsic power of transformng an individual to a higher vibration deleting the negative charge in a persons body-mind system. warm greetings. sachin   


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Santoor from Denmark provides professional one to one Instrument lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.