AP (Advanced Placement) Music Theory

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My name is Dr Ross Braes, a music theory and history instructor, and I have had great results teaching lessons towards the AP Music Theory examination. My lessons prepare you for the College Board Advanced Placement exam administered through your local high school. This is particuarly suitable for those who have not yet graduated and already have completed their Rudiments and have Harmony skills. You can earn SIX university credits by writing a successful exam (next one: May 2012). You might even qualify for high school credits. (Ask your school counsellor for full details.)

You'll enjoy the challenge of improving your musicianship skills with melodic and harmonic dictations and sight-singing diatonic melodies (with no solfege syllables required). The exam contains multiple choice questions that tests your listening ability to determine specific musical elements of various musical excerpts (for example, determining the cadence type, key, rhythm pattern, period structure, etc.) Many other questions involve straight-forward written theory questions (including figured bass) and some basic SATB harmonization too.

Take advantage of your complimentary 30-minute lesson to learn more about this preparatory course. Typically there is no homework as my lessons are geared for in-lesson musicianship skills and theory review. Most students find this course very rewarding!

Shoot this Doctor a quick email and remember, THIS Doctor does make house-calls, the Learn By Cam way!

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67 Administrator 05 Oct 2011 06:24:02
Doctorross from Canada provides professional one to one Music Theory lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.