Caring for Your Rabbit

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Before you go running off to the pet store to purchase your dream rabbit-or if you have already purchased one-there is a lot you need to know to keep your fuzzy pet happy and healthy. Even though rabbits are commonly represented as cute, cuddly, and tame animals, their temperment is quite the opposite. My lessons will help inform you about rabbit habit and behaviour. Moreover, rabbits are considered exotic pets, and as such, are susceptible to many health problems. Taking your rabbit to the vet can be very expensive and so I want to provide you with a guide that will help minimize those costs. I am a rabbit owner of about two years. I also owned two guinea pigs for about 7 years. Though these animals are quite different than rabbits, they also do share some similarities. Given my experience with small animals, I have a lot to say about rabbits. I hope to use my teaching experiences (I am a teacher candidate) in order to provide you with useful and clearly presented information that will help you make the right decisions when it comes to caring for your new friend!


Your first lesson is a free fifteen minute session in which I will give you a broad overview about rabbit behaviour and diet (topics will be selected by me and are at random) Subsequent lessons can be tailored to what you want to learn about and I will create a lesson.


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Justinezuchowicz from Canada provides professional one to one Grooming lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.