Canadian Politics and Citizenship


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Franklin Farmer

History, writing, politics, reading and music

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Canadian Politics and Citizenship, ( C P C 3 O )

Grade 11, O p e n

This course explores the role of politics in people’s lives and the importance of being an active

citizen in a democratic society. Students will examine the ways in which individuals and

groups participate in the political process, the ways in which they can influence political decision making and public policy, and the effectiveness of political systems and institutions in

meeting societal needs. Students will apply inquiry and communication skills to analyse and

report on political issues, events, and trends of interest to them.

For students currently taking Canadian Politics and Citizenship or a comparable course who need tutoring, help with projects and/or evaluation of written assignments.



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Frankfarmer from Canada provides professional one to one Politics lessons via webcam. It is so easy to learn online from such great tutors.