Tips On How To Deal With Difficult Relationships At Work

We all have them, those work colleagues who are beyond annoying.  When you see them your heart sinks and they may work a little less easy to get through. You wouldn’t go so far as to hate them, or maybe you would…..

The Blamer:

Something has gone wrong but as usual it’s not their fault.  In fact it’s your fault, and the weathers and societies but definitely not their fault.  They come in late everyday (traffic’s fault) and leave early every night (they have an appointment so that’s the doctor’s/dentists/optician’s fault).  They also can never admit to being wrong and subsequently every minor thing becomes a huge work place drama.  When things go right, and it wasn’t thanks to them, they take credit for the work and to make matters worse they suck up to the boss majorly so there are no consequences to their actions.

Counter this by keeping records of their work or emails – this type of person just has to be outsmarted!

The Gossip:

This work colleague knows everything about everyone and will tell anyone about it.  You don’t remember saying that you are moving house but somehow they know.  They are also prone to putting people down behind their back and commenting on what people are wearing.  Offices romances get spread faster than they happen and they always make up an excuse to call you on your day off with a ‘work problem’.

There are two ways to deal with this person, the mature way and the immature way.    The mature way is to avoid letting sensitive information get out or accept the inevitability of it.  The immature way is to start sending out false information so the gossip looks like a bit of an idiot when they’re telling everyone your false information.  You chose which!

The Self-Centred type:

They never listen when you talk to them and whistle without realising it all day.  They plug their earphones in so they never hear the phone go and always ‘forget’ to chip in for birthday presents.  If they get a minor ailment they take the day off sick and you suspect they have quite poor personal hygiene.  Worst sin of all they NEVER make a tea round.

This person either needs to be killed with kindness – you need to guilt them into being nicer or cut out of the tea rounds.  Remember though cutting out of the tea rounds is the ultimate shun and a very powerful tool so use this option with caution.

The Over-the-Top type:

This person at office parties is a nightmare.  Just as you sip your first drink they are already slurring their words and stumbling again.  They are guaranteed to spill a drink on you and will always lose track of the night.  The next day they stumble into work hung-over and expecting sympathy from all.

This person needs a gentle reminder about what an idiot they are when they drink.  Show them the photos, tell them what they got up to and then point out that its time they stopped being the office drunk!

The Holiday Hoarder:

All of the weeks that have a bank holiday in are booked well before you even realise its the beginning of a new year.  The holiday hoarder has booked them.  Want half term off to spend time with family?  Tough!  Want to use the bank holiday to have a longer weekend trip away – shame.  The holiday hoarder is way ahead of you and technically there is nothing you can do about it!

You have to play them at their own game and become a holiday hoarder yourself.  An evil necessity!

So now you know what kind of annoying colleague you are dealing with and how to counter their awful behaviour.  If you don’t encounter any of the above people, beware, you might be the annoying colleague that everyone talks about!

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