Philosophy Of Being A Loser

The following article was written by Abdurrahim.

Hi dear readers and potential losers,

Are you trying to fail? Do you want to be loser? If your answer is yes, you are in right place. Losing is an art and throughout the history lots of people always wanted to fail, some of them succeeded and some of them could not succeed. There are some main steps about this art. In this article we will look at these steps closely.

Lets start with the first rule `Do not even try to plan your future, everything will be ok`. This rule is really tricky actually. Yes it looks optimistic. It makes you feel good if you believe everything will be ok. In reality nothing will be ok if you do not plan it. Something will happen and after it happened you will think it is ok, maybe you can even say it is great, it depends on what do you want. This is the thing, I mean you can feel what you want to feel. This must be the best thing in the world. Think about it, it is like heaven, you can feel whatever you want. But here is a tip for you, if you want to use this idea in your life you must not care about results. Just believe it is going to be ok. Big losers always say that, live for today. Live your life, feel what you want to feel. Do what makes you feel better every time and do not think about its results.

Next, do not try to do something in hard way. Try to find easiest one. This must be your motto `easier is better`. Do not forget this and believe that even if there is a doomsday, at that day you will find an easier way to go to heaven.  If things are started to be harder in your life, just stop  doing it. Harder things can open doors to you but forget about it. You want to be loser. Easier is always better. Also you should believe to this `Luck is the most important thing in the life. Bill Gates is so lucky because he found the idea and there was no computer in his time, people in the past were so lucky. Because there was nothing but now there is everything, I cannot invent something new`. You should not care about how much time Bill Gates or other rich people wasted on their jobs and what difficulties did they encounter with. They were just lucky. If you want to be a successful loser don't forget to believe to this sentence `Everything in life is depends on how lucky you are`.

In conclusion, this article focuses on two main ideas about how to be a loser. As it annotated above, being a loser is an art. Do not forget these three sentences, `Everything is going to be ok`, `Feel what you want to feel` and `Everything is based on luck in this world`. If you are really decided to be a loser you can print these sentences and hang them to your wall. Do not forget to read them every day.


The above article was produced by Abdurrahim. It does not necessarily represent the views of LearnByCam.

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