Reasons Not To Buy A Kindle

The following article, 'Reasons Not To Buy A Kindle' was written by Alexandra Farnese

Kindles are the 21st century’s new way of reading. You can take them anywhere with you as they are light to carry. You can buy prose for inexpensive prices which is a positive for avid readers. So, why am I so against this popular and convenient gadget?

A lot of people I know own kindles and tell me that they are loved and adored but all I see are the kindle’s negatives. I don’t believe someone can enjoy reading on a kindle the same way they read a book. I love the way a book feels in my hands, I love the smell of a new book and I look forward to the gentle and calming sound of the pages turning. All this combined makes me appreciate the actual words you are reading. Some books have a varied and interesting history with previous owners who all may have a story to tell about the book. Kindles are lifeless, robotic and without any sentimental value.

Kindles are damaging one of the most important places where we study and can truly have some peace and quiet: the library. Although the recession is a factor in libraries being closed down but I believe that the introduction of kindles are also to blame. Fewer people read and borrow books from libraries which is mainly due to the low cost of purchasing kindle books. Another reason why people buy kindles as opposed to books is storage issues. Many people live in cramped accommodation and overcrowded households. Take your old books to your local charity store or donate them to your local library if you have storage issues as home. They will be much appreciated.

There are many people who have written articles on the internet about why they dislike kindles and many reasons which are similar to mine. But also have issues on the technological side of the kindle i.e short battery life and frozen screens etc.

I personally am worried that the future generation of school children will rarely pick up a book and instead will study using the kindle. They will miss out on the whole experience of actually holding a book in their hands. My girlfriend’s 9 year old sister’s school already has Ipads instead of computers; it’s looking more certain that due to cost cutting and storage issues the kindle will be used in schools more commonly in the near future unless we take a stand and say no to the kindle.


About the author : Alexandra Farnese is a Bath Spa creative writing and media communications graduate.


The above article was produced by Alexandra Farnese. It does not necessarily represent the views of LearnByCam.

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