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Do you wish to learn Nepali or are looking for Nepali Skype lessons? Maybe you have a trip planned to Nepal and wish to learn some basics before you travel? If you are seeking the services of an Nepali online tutor who can help you with conversation, translation or advice on the best places to visit in Nepal, then help is only a mouse click away!

As our live one-to-one Nepali lessons take place using webcams and apps such as Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts or Cisco WebEx, not only can you learn from the comfort of home but also save travel costs by learning over the internet.

Here our very own Nepali language tutor 'samuelkarki' briefly explains how he can help students learn Nepali in his online lesson entitled, "Nepali Language", "Namaste I am Samuel from Nepal, a beautiful country. If someone is searching for a Nepali language teacher than I am glad to serve you. I want to make my lesson both friendly and perfect for you. So, if need a good Nepali language teacher then contact me. I am glad to teach you a Nepali language. Thank you."

Samuel also offers the 'First Nepali Lesson for Free', so you can try without any contracts or obligations. All of our online lessons are bought one at a time on a 'Pay As You Go' basis.

Here another Nepali tutor, 'Elvisha Dhamala' highlights how she can help students in her class, 'Learn Nepali Today', "I am a Nepali girl who has spoken Nepali her entire life, and I want to help you learn the basics of Nepali. I can help you with basic phrases and numbers that will help you get by if you ever happen to go to Nepal. I can assure you that you won't regret it as Nepali is a beautiful and unique language."

So if you are interested in learning Nepali or wish to understand the language or culture, click on the profile image below and get started today!

Learn Nepali Live With Skype Tutors Online

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