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Are you looking to learn the trumpet, French horn, trombone or any other brass instruments? Maybe you have recently purchased a Tuba or even a Euphonium and wish to learn how to master the basics or want to develop your playing style. If you are searching for online brass lessons taught by experienced and passionate Skype teachers, then look no further! Whether you wish to play in the style of some of the greats such as Louis Armstrong, Paolo Fresu, Wynton Marsalis, Maynard Ferguson, Joseph Alessi or Don Lusher, we have a great choice of online Skype brass teachers for you to select from.

As our live Brass lessons take place online using webcams and applications like Skype, WebEx or FaceTime, students can learn from the comfort or home and avoid needless travel costs. Most of our brass teachers offer the "First Lesson for Free", so you can try without any risks or obligations. Our lessons are purchased one at a time on a "Pay As You Go" basis.

Here LearnByCam's very own brass teacher, Max Acree shares his experiences in his lesson entitled, "Jazz and Classical Trombone Lessons with Pro Freelancer", "I am a working professional freelance trombonist based out of Las Vegas. I teach all styles of music to trombonists on any level (beginning, intermediate or advanced). In my jazz lessons I specialize my teachings around Tone, Melodic Lines, Beginning to Advanced Improv, High Range and Endurance, and the Styles and etiquette of Legendary Trombonists Urbie Green and Bill Watrous who I believe should be a model to all great trombonists. In Classical Lessons subjects covered will be High Range and Low Range pedagogy, Embouchure Studies, Classical Solos and Etudes, and Excerpts. Thank you for your time!"

Whilst another tutor, 'shaferam23' explains how he can help students in his live one-to-one lesson, "Euphonium, Baritone and Trumpet", "I offer music lessons on the following instruments; Euphonium, Baritone, and Trumpet. I just finished my freshman year of college in the music education program. I have spent a long time on Euphonium and an even longer time on Trumpet. I feel qualified enough to teach either. I have gone through a number of difficulties such as embouchure changes so I am rather familiar with difficulties in playing. I am really excited to help anyone I can."

So, if you interested in learning how to play the trumpet, French horn, trombone, baritone, tuba, euphonium or any other brass instrument, why not select from some of our live one-to-one Skype brass teachers below and start learning today!

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