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Are you looking to learn and understand Politics or need help with A-Level or University Undergraduate Political studies? If you need to find an experienced Politics tutor who can teach you via Skype and webcams on a one-to-one basis from the comfort and safety your home, then we are here to help. Whether you need assistance with exams, homework or are interested in understanding Political ideology, how laws are made or Political Science, we have a number of tutors able to teach you.

Most of our teachers have either graduated from or teach at some of the finest schools and universities and will be able to give you the exact Political Science help you need. Many offer the "First Lesson for Free", so you can try without any risks, contracts or obligations.

Here LearnByCam's teacher, Frank Farmer outlines what students can learn in his class entitled, 'Canadian History and Politics Since 1945', "This course examines the local, national, and global forces that have shaped Canada since 1945 and highlights the political, social, and economic issues facing the country today. Students will expand their political understanding through an investigation of Canada’s efforts in areas such as social justice and human rights, multiculturalism, and international relations. Students will develop their skills in historical research, analysis, and communication to deepen their historical and political awareness and present their own points of view. Students currently taking Canadian History and Politics Since 1945, Grade 11 University Preparation or a comparable course who need tutoring or help with projects."

Jess Renee highlights how she can help those wishing to learn Political Science in her lesson 'Politics!? Piece of Cake!'. "Hi everyone! I'm here to give you the opportunity to fall in love with your Political Science classes as much as I have. I will help you with your Political Science homework and any essays you may have to write on Politics. I've always been very good in the subject and I feel like I can help if you give me the chance. Here's how it'll work: you send me the materials you need to study and I'll look it over before our lesson. During the lesson, we'll look through the material together and we'll talk about it. Unlike other classes, I believe a conversation-like approach is the best way to learn something like Political Science. So come on by and I promise you won't regret it!"

So, if you need help with Political Science or improving your grades, click here to view our Online Skype Politics Lessons or select from our online teachers below.

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