New Facebook App for Education, Online Learning and Homeschooling

We have recently developed and implemented the LearnByCam free Educational and Online Learning App for Facebook. This gives Facebook users the opportunity to access and "look-up" a large range of experienced online webcam tutors and lesson from our extensive database. If someone needs assistance with homework, exams or traditional academic subjects such as mathematics, science or English, help is only a mouse-click or 'touch screen' away.

Additionally students, parents and users have access to a vast array of hobbies and recreational subjects. These range from learning how to play a musical instrument and mastering a new language to baking a cake and hemming a garment. With tutors from over 65 countries teaching 2300+ lessons in 140+ subjects we wanted to open and share our Online Learning app to Facebook and mobile users alike.

We hope you enjoy our free app and share with your friends, family and online community. We believe that virtually anything can be taught or learned online via webcams and applications such as Microsoft Skype or Cisco WeBex. Whatever our age, we are never to old to learn something new.

To access the app click here - LearnByCam Online Learning Facebook App. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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