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Are you a teacher or tutor looking for part-time teaching jobs or work from home? Perhaps you are retired, a newly qualified tutor, unemployed or a teacher who wishes to work part-time or flexible hours from your house or home? Over the last few years there has been a large growth in parents and students seeking exam or home-work help online. With LearnByCam we give teachers and tutors the opportunity to teach students online from home using web cams and Skype or our Virtual Classroom. Students need help with all manner of subjects, so whether your teaching skills shine in the academic sphere of History, Mathematics, Science & Computing or your talents are most suited to teaching languages (French, Spanish, Latin) or music (Instruments, Music Theory), teaching online part-time from home could be something you can fit into your current schedule.

Aside from working and teaching from the comfort of your home, at times most convenient for you, there are many advantages for the teacher when considering teaching online. These benefits range from the opportunity to connect to students worldwide, teaching something you are passionate about, to additional skills you can gain which can then be added to your CV or resume.

At LearnByCam we provide a secure, reliable infrastructure allowing you to concentrate simply on teaching. You do not need to be some "technical guru" to get started. In fact, all you really need is a computer, access to the internet, a web-cam and Skype. You also choose how much you charge per lesson that you teach. Once you have listed your lessons on our site, students will be able to contact you and book lessons. We take no fees and students pay you directly via PayPal.

So, if you are a tutor who wishes to teach online from home or seeking a part-time teaching job, click here to find out more - Part-Time Teaching Jobs From Home

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