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Whether you are a student or parent seeking homework or exam help, or someone interested in learning online from home using Skype and a web-cam, then you should find this article helpful. There are a number of great advantages and benefits when learning online from home. In this blog, we will briefly highlight these, as well as discuss how easy it is for you to learn from home with LearnByCam.

Why learn online from home?

If you haven't considered learning online from home before, here are a number of reasons why you may want to give it a try.

1) Safety - Online lessons can take place from your home. This means not only can you learn from the comfort and safety of familiar surroundings, but you do not have to physically visit a tutor's house nor have a stranger enter the family home.

2) Save Money & Time - Both you and the tutor save time, money and the environment as there is no need to travel. No more traffic jams!

3) Convenience - You choose when you want to learn, at times convenient for you.

4) Quality Online Tutors - Maybe you cannot find a tutor locally or perhaps you are unable to leave the house? Do not worry, with LearnByCam you have immediate access to thousands of experienced and passionate online teachers, wherever you may live. Imagine you wanted to learn French, then why not learn from a tutor who is actually living in France?

5) One-to-one Lessons - Our online tutors offer one-to-one personalised lesson specifically designed for you. You get the exact help you need, when you need it.

6) No Risk - Many tutors offer the "First Lesson for Free", so you are able to assess the tutor and "try before they buy" without any contracts, obligations or risks.

7) When you learn something new, you can also gain new skills which you can add to your CV or resume.

8) Easy to get started. You do not need to be a "technical guru". In fact, all you need is a computer, access to the internet, Skype and a web-cam.

9) With LearnByCam it is free to join and contact as many teachers you wish, from all over the world. Students pay teachers directly via PayPal. We take NO fees for this.

What can I learn online from home?

LearnByCam has a large selection of online teachers and tutors for you to choose from. Whether you need assistance in the academic world (History, Maths, English and Science), help with languages (French, Italian, Japanese and Turkish) or wish to improve your musical skills (Guitar, Piano, Saxophone and Percussion), we have the perfect online teacher for you. Our tutors also cover subjects as diverse as knitting, cooking and DIY to animal care, make-up and beauty tips. You will be very surprised at the large selection of subjects you can get help with. Learning from home is really great fun and could work well for you.

So, why not start to learn online from home today and choose from our selection of tutors below.

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