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Do you want to learn how to sew? Are you looking for online sewing lessons or a sewing tutor to teach you using Skype and a webcam? If you are seeking help in learning how to hem a garment, alter a dress, fit a zip, thread a sewing machine or simply want tips on how to improve your sewing and design skills, we have a wonderful selection of online sewing instructors, tailors and seamstresses for you to choose from. As lessons take place using Skype or our Virtual Classroom, you can soon be enjoying a personalised one-to-one Online Skype Sewing Lesson specifically tailored to your needs. Learn from the from the comfort of your home at a time convenient for you. Some of our teachers offer the "First Lesson for Free", so you can try them out without any risk or obligations. Our dedicated sewing tutors are able to answer your questions and provide you with the exact help or tips you need.

In her class entitled; "Free Sewing Sample LEARN TO SEW - Basic know how", LearnByCam's online Skype sewing instructor and tailor; Marisol, highlights what students can learn. "(In the basic class students can learn) - Machine know how, threading the machine, sewing a straight seam, gathering without attachment, sewing button with machine and blind hemming on machine. Intermediate Sewing tips, tools & techniques are geared for the beginner in basic alteration and will use hemming and repair techniques."

So, whether you are interested in learning about design, patterns, costumes or generally wish to improve your sewing and hemming skills, why not select from our online sewing tutors today.

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  • AdministratorTuesday, December 16, 2014

    Hi Labh, thanks for your message. To find out more about our lessons, simply click on the profile images above and contact our teachers to find out more. Happy Sewing!!!

  • labhTuesday, December 16, 2014

    Yes I m interested in learning about design, pattern and alterations by your Skype lessons. Could you please send me the details ot timing and fee structure. Thanks

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