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Are you looking for help with Microsoft's Office? Having trouble understanding how to use Excel or format cells and use formulas? Perhaps you have issues when installing the MS Office Suite and want someone who can talk you through the problems? If so, do not worry help is at hand. Whether you need assistance in drawing tables, inserting images into Excel or learning how to use an application, we have number of IT specialists for you to choose from. Within minutes you can be enjoying a personalised one-to-one online Skype Excel lesson which has been tailored specifically to your needs. As lessons take place online using our Virtual Classroom or Skype you can learn from the safety of your home or office and save money by avoiding needless travelling to find another teacher. Some of our teachers offer the "First Lesson for Free", so you can try them out without any risks. Our teachers are passionate, experienced and able to give you the exact excel or MS Office help you are seeking.

Let's find out more about some of our teachers. Here, Ana Filipa da Silva Reis explains how she can help you with problems you may be having with Excel. "Excel is a powerful application to make a lot of things about calculations and graphics. In this Lesson you will learn how to use Excel, a lot of formulas that can be useful for you, doing graphics, formation and other things. You also can ask or decide what you wish to learn on Excel. So the topics are: Knowing the Excel application; Formatting the sheets; Using formulas like, SUM, CONT, MEDIA, PROCV, FREQUENCY, Drawing tables; Formatting tables; Insert images; Printing; Graphics. I have resources and will give a manual and exercises."

Whilst, Robert Popolow, explains what you can learn in his lesson entitled; "MS Office Instruction". "I can teach you how to use the computer for the following topics. MS Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, MS Access, Personal PC Maintenance & Upgrading. Internet - Getting the most from your internet searches. I have been in the computer industry for over 15 years and am here to share my knowledge with you."

Don't struggle in silence, why not select from some of our experienced teachers below and book a lesson today.

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