Tips on Choosing a College Major

College is the time where you have the opportunity to study things you truly enjoy, and only what you enjoy.  Picking a major you like is necessary to make your college experience a happy and fulfilling opportunity, so here's some tips for deciding a major:

1) Ask yourself about your passions and strengths.  Do you have a hobby that you truly enjoy?  Maybe you had a favorite class in high school.  Whatever these may be, choose one to be your major.  If you end up not liking it after all, you can always change your major.

2) Think about your future goals.  If you can, imagine where you see yourself in ten years.  What kind of career do you plan on pursuing?  The more relevant question to ask yourself is what kind of major may be helpful in helping you pursue this career.

3) Explore career interests.  Check out some internships or volunteer opportunities in several career fields if you are very unsure as to what you would like your career to be.  Hopefully, one opportunity will be very appealing to you.  In this case, find what major may be required to pursue your potential career interest.

4) Take some classes.  You can always start your college career undeclared.  In this case, you are free to spend some of your first year taking several classes of different subjects.  If you find a class you like, try taking more classes in that subject to see if it suits you.  Best of all, the other classes that you took will most likely still give you general education credits.

5) Meet with advisors.  Meet with academic advisors and career counselors to discuss what type of person you are, your skills and interests, and your passions and aspirations.  These professionals will most likely be able to provide you with some great choices of majors or career paths that will suit you.

6) Take a personality assessment.  You can take a personality assessment, which will survey your interests and personality, and determine what majors or careers are suitable for the unique type of person you are.

Always remember, if you are going to major in something, make sure it's something that you are very passionate about.

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