Kirsten Lindsay 

Kirsten Lindsay

Hello! I'm Kirsten, and I live in central Ohio. I go to college at Ohio University in Athens as an English and history double major. Although, history may switch to something like international relations...

I want to travel everywhere. I love history and culture and I am just so passionate about everybody's varying cultures! I am the biggest history geek and I want to go places and learn so much more! I'm attempting to become fluent in Spanish at the moment. Maybe eventually German as well.

I just love writing. I write stories and things like that. I often incorporate my love of history into my stories. But then again I write a lot of fanfiction as well... I'm into anime and manga and I write fanfiction about my favorites... I have four stories going right now, not counting the original fiction!

My ultimate goal is to become an author. It is my singular purpose in life. It's what I do with almost all of my time. I've finally gotten started on the original story I want to publish so I'm excited!

Here's a link to my fanfiction: (MA content)

And here's a link to my original fiction, although there's not much yet: (MA content)

I have been writing for LearnByCam since May 2014. My articles can be found below.