Freelance Feature Writers Wanted

Intern Position For All Writers.

Are you an intern, school-leaver or student looking for work or employment opportunities? Whether you have recently graduated or a student at University seeking work during the summer, we have something which may interest you. Here at LearnByCam we are currently recruiting passionate and enthusiastic people for the position of 'Freelance Feature Writer'. We realise it can be hard for students and graduates starting out on the career ladder, with employers often wanting candidates with experience before they hire. The classic "chicken and egg" scenario. How do you get experience unless you are given an opportunity to gain experience. This is where we can help. Successful applicants are able to add new skills and experience to their resumes and we will provide references to future employers highlighting their strengths.

Requirements : A passionate, self motivated, individual required to write 1-2 blogs per week. Think about what interests you have and what subjects would appeal to our readers. Perhaps you are passionate about your hobbies. Maybe you love to review products or have found a solution to a problem that could really help other people. We welcome a diverse range of article submissions; from music, languages, history, fashion, beauty and cooking to Personal Development, the "Arts", study tips, how to survive university or even travel tips that others may be looking for. This is a great chance for you to write about something that genuinely interests you.

Age : The position is open to all, regardless of age.

Salary : Whilst we are unable to pay you a salary, for those successful applicants who have articles accepted on LearnByCam, we will provide you and any future employers a reference highlighting your strengths. This is also a great way to add more information and boost your CV or resume, whilst demonstrating that during the summer you had the initiative to gain new experiences and work with a dedicated online education company. Furthermore, we will never delete or remove your blog posts, so you are able to show potential employers exactly the work you have done.

Length Of Employment : Ongoing. (Minimum of 1 month)

If you are interested in working with us please submit a unique article through our Submission Form.