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Wednesday, March 11, 2015
Dating Tips From a Dating Coach
Dating Tips From a Dating Coach

The following article was written by Jennifer Panaro.

When it comes to relationships some people have expectations. When those expectations are not met they get anxiety. Most of those expectations are due to beliefs that they have had when they were younger.

Older people may often say "Whenever a guy likes a girl he will ask her out right away." They say other things like "When there is a will there is a way." They make young girls feel as if they need proof that someone likes them.

Of course when a guy likes a girl he does ask her out. There are other reasons why he did not ask her out yet. Maybe he is shy or he thinks that she does not like him and he does not want to get rejected. Just because he did not ask her out yet does not mean that he never will.

If a guy does not call a girl right away a girl may get upset. She may feel like she needs to hear from him or he wants nothing to do with her.

Some people get busy. Some people have depression and go into a hole when they are facing problems. Some people forget to call. You will never know the real reason why a guy did not respond to your call.

Not all guys are the same. Some guys are attentive when they like a girl and some guys are just not attentive at all. Some guys are flaky and forget. Worrying and getting upset about it is not going to make anything better. Fearing the worst is not going to make him call you. You cannot control the situation.

You never know when you receive a text from him. No one knows what the future holds and nothing is set in stone. Just because you did not get a response from him within a day does not mean that you will never hear from him again.

If this is you start changing your beliefs. Raise your self-esteem and let things happen. Allow things to happen. Then when you least expect it you will get a call and a date.

Posted Wednesday, March 11, 2015 7:50 AM    0 comments

Tuesday, January 13, 2015
Become The Authority In Your Industry
Become The Authority In Your Industry

Become an expert in your field!

Nowadays, it is hard to make a name amidst the vast number of competitors in any industry. The social media has been streaming with flashy propaganda to enhance the image of their company, advertising products and services in almost every way possible. To expose yourself as someone with established credibility and trustworthy credentials, you need to come up with a better way to impose to the public for them to call you to speak, write and lend your expertise.

One way of being noticed impressively is by creating a branding device. A new form of business card is now being used that speaks of you and your business in a more sophisticated manner with all your information and brilliant ideas- all showcased in a book. In it, you can publish your ideas brightly; formulate impressive statements that will catch the interest of clients and concluding the effectiveness of your ideas that will make them see your book as a necessity in pursuing their business or career.

Creating a book that will communicate to the readers, not just ideas and reasoning but also giving them a feel of your commitment, pointing possible problems and stating operative solutions will help you become recognized as an expert in your field. With the proper elements that you will project inside your book, you are brandishing a study of your own success and a guide for others to achieve what you have achieved. It is viewed as an evidence of your accomplishment. This advertising technique is very useful with the advantage of our technology today that saturation campaigns are done excessively in minimal time. A published book proves to be extremely effective as it suited the changing social context which lead to heavy influence of future advertising strategy and cemented the place of books as a branding device. It is a stepping stone or an open door to a much bigger publications such as speaking in conferences and events, and even television appearances.

There are many ways of producing a book today, may it be electronic or hard copy. With the help of software, programs and applications, this task is now made easier. Fitting in the new age of marketing will help in the promotion of your book, along with your business or career. When you author a book, you are a creator of an instrument, something that will impact the public in one way. You have brought out ideas and significant improvements, thus, declaring yourself the authority in your industry. You will be able to influence people with your thoughts, opinions and market your philosophies. By writing a book, you will be on the lead in impressing to the clients that you have the greater credibility and reliability. This is very helpful in further stabilizing your career and reputation in the field.

Becoming the authority in your industry is to rise above the others by creating an entity of your capacity and promoting them as a medium to success, diversifying your connections and exploring endless opportunities.

The above article was written by Honey Reyes

Posted Tuesday, January 13, 2015 9:57 AM    0 comments

Monday, December 1, 2014
10 Keys to Happiness
10 Keys to Happiness

Happiness as a lifestyle is a choice; not every situation will make you happy, but you have to choose to stay happy. Maintaining a relatively happy lifestyle is something that will help to improve your overall well-being. Here are a few things you’ll want to make sure you do to keep yourself happy.

1) Make the Choice to be Happy: Everyone deserves to be happy. Whether or not they actually are happy is up to them. A main component to living a happy life is to be the best person you can be. The happiness that can come with some of life's situations is often momentarily, but if you want to live a happy life you have to make the choice to and find ways to make it happen.

2) Take Charge but Eliminate the Stress: Not everything will be within your control. Therefore, there’s no need to stress yourself out over things that you have no control over. They will be what they are regardless of how you feel about it. Rather, set your focus on things that you have control over, and make the best of it.

3) Live in the Moment: Don’t find yourself dwelling in the past. Some of us let too much of our past control our present. Things will happen, that’s life. But that has nothing to do with your present or your future; only you are in charge of those. Another thing you want to avoid is being over consumed by what you want in your future that you neglect to see all that you have today.

4) Keep Your Expectations High: “So you think, as you are.” You’ll come to find that this saying is really true. May times when we already expect a situation to turn out bad, it does. If you expect the best, it will usually happen.

5) Be Confident in Yourself: Others may not see your dreams the way you see them. And keep in mind that people will speak to you from where they are in life; their successes, their failures, their hurts, etc. So make sure you take on their perspective before taking all of their advice. Some things you’ll find you will need, and others you won’t. But never doubt yourself and your dreams because of someone else.

6) Give Yourself Permission to be All You Can Be: Some of us may not realize it, but we are usually the very ones telling ourselves we can’t do something because we’re not capable of it for whatever reason (or excuse, rather). Not realizing that you’ll never know all you can be if you never give yourself the permission to explore those things. You’d be surprised what you could achieve if you actually went for it.

7) Never Take Anything for Granted: Sounds cliché, but it’s true. We get used to seeing the same things every day, interacting with the same people, having the same commodities that we’re used to having, not realizing how easily we can take these things for granted. There is always someone doing worse off than you. Focus on what you have already, not on what you wish you had. You’ll find true joy in that.

8) Be Generous in All You Do: Giving generously (not just material things, but time as well) can go farther than you’d even realize. Set some time aside to spend with a friend, volunteer at a homeless shelter, buy a gift for a family member. It will be very much appreciated, and you’ll feel really good about yourself.

9) Don’t Stop!: Make sure you are putting forth an effort to maintain this lifestyle. As I said before, happiness is a choice. Make sure you don’t give up and chose the more complacent lifestyle, as you’ll be sacrificing your happiness.

10) Be Brave: Push yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new every now and then. You will never know what you enjoy until you’ve tried it. In addition to this, make sure you’re always doing what's best for you, even if it’s not easy!

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