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Monday, April 14, 2014
How To Become Whole Again And Your Best Happy Self
How To Become Whole Again And Your Best Happy Self

A few weeks ago I asked the questions we all have asked ourselves at one point or another: Why do I feel empty inside? Why isn’t my work completely fulfilling? How can I become more content with my life? How can I be happy? We all seek or have sought to fill a void within ourselves at some stage – and for it to be filled, one must first ask the necessary questions.

As a part of this series wherein I post a compilation of thoughts and testimonies of people who have battled with becoming “whole people,” here are some more nuggets of wisdom from other men and women.

My good friend Christopher C. recently shed some light on how to increase happiness in daily life.

Be in nature.

Kids are happiest when they are with their parents in nature.  Thus, being around people who love you and being in an untainted, natural environment, such as nature, brings about an innate, fresh and pure sense of happiness and contentment. This will bring you a step closer to feeling alive!

Achieve a goal – with someone else.

The value of team sports should never be underestimated. When working together with other people to achieve a goal – when being successful at something together – it is a great reward to have all the hard work and training pay off in a successful game (even if you lose!). Especially if you can manage to be yourself throughout it all – then your truer self has a better chance to emerge out of the experience. This indeed produces great happiness and satisfaction.

So go forth and achieve your goals, preferably in nature!

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Wednesday, April 09, 2014
Tips on How To Improve Your Commute To Work
Tips on How To Improve Your Commute To Work

A common problem is the daily commute, with only 30% of workers avoiding it.  The rest of us spend a total of almost 200 hours a year travelling to and from work.  So what are your options?  Read on for a review of the traditional and not so traditional methods of getting to work.


It’s eco-friendly, healthy and faster than walking.  There are a few things to remember, like a helmet and reflective wear but once you have that sorted cycling could be for you.  Let’s copy the Dutch and make biking cool.  Let’s make your journey into work part of your daily exercise instead of a potentially stressful event.  Let’s go on two wheels!  If you want to know more about the ups and downs of cycling to work here are a few blogs to have a read of:


Traffic, the cost of fuel, parking – there is a lot of stress associated with traveling by car.  Are there any pros?  Well if you use your car like I do, then yes!  My car is my giant handbag, in it lie spare shoes, a jacket, an umbrella and a lot of other stuff that I’m not sure when I’ll need but you never know when they could come in handy.  The radio is always interesting and who cares about the traffic at least you re not getting rained on!  So is it all positive?  Well it will cost you a lot around £2000 annually and an extra £1000 if you don’t car share.


The benefit of trains and buses is that you don’t have to do much other than sit there.  It also means that instead of panicking about the rules of the road, weather or how fast you are driving/cycling you can do something cooler with your time.  Most of the commuting populace now use smart phones/tablets or laptops to entertain themselves.  Instead  of hiding behind technology though you could spend your time reading – the news or a book.  You could play travel games (eye spy?) or you could do this:


Now you have your amusement taken care of you can sit back and feel smug after-all you are saving the planet and any walking you have to do between your buses or trains can legitimately count as exercise.  Never mind over crowding – standing burns calories. 


Simple, easy, healthy.  You don’t need any specialist equipment (other than some comfy shoes) and another eco friendly way to get to work.  There is the risk of rain ruining your day with walking but an umbrella and a waterproof or even wellington boots are all options to keep you dry on your walk to work.

Alternative  Methods:

Space Hopper/Pogo

Be different.  Enjoy your journey.  Arrive at work literally with a bounce in your step.  While not much use for long distance commuting if you only live a short walk from work why not invest in a bouncy alternative to your feet.  Life is short so let’s make it fun!


Once upon a time it was the way to travel.  Let’s revamp it.  Good enough for the police force now its time to reclaim the horse as a mode of travel.  Only a few problems exist.  A lack of stables for your horse to stay while you work is a major one.

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Thursday, April 03, 2014
Learn How To Pass Your SAT Test From Skype Teachers
Learn How To Pass Your SAT Test From Skype Teachers

Do you need help passing your SAT? If you are looking to learn how to pass your SAT test from experienced online Skype teachers then we have a great selection for you to learn from. Whether you need help with critical reading, mathematics, calculator use or writing our tutors can help you pass that test, improve your strengths, gain confidence and shine! Our teachers can help you via webcams and applications such as Skype, FaceTime or Cisco WebEx, so not only can you learn at a pace that is right for you but also from the comfort and safety of home. Parents can also supervise lessons from home at times convenient for all parties.

Most of our teachers also offer the first lesson for free, so you can try without any risk or obligations.

Here one of our SAT teachers, Bo Kim explains how he can help students in his class entitled; "Math Tutor - PreCalc, Calc, SAT, SAT II, ACT, AP, IB", "Hi, my name is Bo Kim and I am currently a sophomore at the University of Washington on a path to become a mathematics major. As preparation of my desire to become a professor of mathematics, I am offering my services to students needing assistance with the math portion of the SAT, SAT II, as well as high school/college level calculus. For those interested, I can always provide my UW transcript as well as other evidences to support my credentials. I have also taken many years of preparatory classes for the SATs so if there are any questions about acquiring past exams or buying practice books, feel free to ask and I'll answer to the best of my abilities."

So, if you need help passing your SAT test, improving your average or getting the marks and results you desire, why not click on some of our online Skype SAT teachers below and book an online lesson today.

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